Clutter-free ‘hygge’ living

Hygge is EVERYWHERE still. What seemed like a bit of a fad is very much still at the forefront of the most pinned images, design magazines and way of living.

I absolutely love the idea of the Hygge Lifestyle. It’s all about taking the time to appreciate the small moments, to express gratitude for a slower pace of life, to take time back for wellbeing and to spend more time with friends and family and less on our screens!

However, I have noticed that a lot of Hygge decor inspiration seems to have one thing in common. And that, my friends, is stuff. Lots and lots of it. Now don’t get me wrong it looks beautiful (case in point below) but for me, having too much clutter around me tends to make me feel a little off. I’m by no means minimal, but I very much live by the idea that if something isn’t useful or doesn’t bring you joy then it has no place in your life.

Our homes are our own personal sanctuaries. A place to relax, be ourselves and showcase our personalities, be creative, raise families and in some cases, the place we work. We

So if like me you’re looking for inspiration of how to live and style your home with a Hygge influence but you prefer a more simplistic decor here are some gorgeous examples to inspire you!

Tonal greys and minimal mix and match patterns lead to a simple, cosy feel in this gorgeous living room. The simple stems bring in a freshness and the overall result is the perfect combination of warmth and brightness.
Remember, Hygge is a way of living! This simple office illustration is a beautiful reminder to slow down and not let ourselves get overwhelmed. I love the use of clipboard, it’s really back to basics and the natural, recycled materials used for the stationary holder too is a perfect example of Hygge mentality.
This is too pretty to not feature in this post! Hurricanes/lanterns are always gorgeous, but as these aren’t black it just lifts the overall feel of the styling. The addition of the faux dandelion is genius.
We can’t talk about Hygge without discussing blankets. I bloody love blankets (I’m currently banned by my OH from buying any more until further notice) but this simple, rustic basket means you can store them away and only get them out to cosy up when needed.
Talking of Hygge as a lifestyle a major factor of this way of living is getting back to nature. Inevitably, this means more use of wellies and boots, and more mud in the house (argh!). This desk storage has been repurposed to house shoes and boots in this hallway, meaning those extra hard working wellies can be neatly tucked away and not left out creating a mess.
Hand in hand with blankets, candles. An absolute necessity for Hygge living. Also on my current banned purchases list are candles. I actually think I have a problem, almost every time I go out I seem to end up buying a candle. For me, I love doing all of the housework and then lighting a candle in each room as it’s finished. It’s almost ritualistic but it makes me so happy. There are some stunningly simple candles out there, and if you buy a multi-wick one it means less clutter for the same amount of light! Winner.
Last but not least is this stunning reading nook. While we can’t all have a floor to ceiling window, with a bench and shelves either side, we can take inspiration from this in that you don’t need flashy, overly styled shelves and nor do you need silly amounts of pillows. Just a quiet space, and your book. That my friends is Hygge

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