Coconut, Cherry and Poppy Seed Oats

Coconut, Cherry and Poppy Seed Oats

The good thing about this Coconut and Cherry Oats recipe is that it’s so super creamy and indulgent that it feels like a treat even though there’s zero added sugar (literally none!). With all those slow release carbs from the oats it also balances out the natural sugars found in the cherries. Meaning absolutely no sugar crash or naughty mood swings a few hours later… yay!

Poppy seeds are such a nice addition to this wonderfully sweet breakfast. They add a very, very subtle bitterness which contrasts the cherries beautifully. They are also super good for you as they are full of magnesium, potassium, calcium, and fiber. The two tablespoon amount in this recipe will give you your entire recommended daily intake of calcium (go Poppy seeds!).

Even though I’ve been cooking more than ever recently, I’ve been slacking with sharing the recipes. However, I’ve also eaten a LOT of rubbish these last few weeks so now I’m back on the healthy eating wagon.  On previous posts I’ve mentioned that one of the first things that goes for me when I’m either busy, down, anxious or generally not looking after myself properly is breakfast.

This is is unbelievably simple to make and just as fast as microwaving one of those instant pots of porridge, so there really is no excuse to go for those sugar-filled alternatives when you can make this tasty and nutritious breakfast from scratch!

I use frozen cherries because fresh cherries are mega expensive and this means I can eat them all year round. Most of the times I’ve made this I haven’t bothered to defrost the cherries as I am horribly impatient, so I’ve just chucked them on top straight from the freezer. They very quickly defrost from the heat of the oats and actually I kind of like the contrasting temperature, honestly the laziness levels of this recipe makes it one of my all time favourites. Such little effort and so much reward. 

The recipe feeds two people, or one very hungry/greedy me.


(makes two very ample sized portions)

  • 200g (2 cups) rolled oats
  • 400 ml (1 tin) coconut milk, regular fridge coconut milk is fine but it won’t be as creamy
  • 2 tbsp poppy seeds
  • 4tbsp desiccated coconut
  • 2 big handfuls of frozen cherries (defrosted ideally, but frozen works fine too as they defrost quickly from the heat of the oats)


  1. Over a medium heat place the oats and coconut milk in a saucepan and stir until combined
  2. Keep stirring to ensure it heats evenly and after 3-4 minutes once you start to get a bubble or two, remove from heat. DO NOT LET IT BOIL!
  3. Stir in the desicatted coconut and poppy seeds and place into bowls.
  4. Chuck the cherries on top and sprinkle some more poppy seeds and desicatted coconut on top to taste.
  5. EAT!



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