Lake Como: The Dreamiest Place on Earth

After the complete meltdown I had on the flight to Copenhagen, plus one failed attempt at going on holiday in June, to say I was nervous about trying again was an understatement.

I have always wanted to go to Italy and I knew that a lot was riding on this trip. I was also practicing my life-changing anti-panic technique which had been working insanely well day to day. I desperately wanted and needed some time away with my boyfriend, and he needed the break too.

This time we had only hand luggage and were upgraded to the extra legroom seats (a perk of having a 6″8 boyfriend!) and despite one quickly dealt with wobble at the boarding gate, I smashed it.

I looked back at the last few attempts to fly and it’s like watching a different person. It was a huge, huge step for me and although it definitely wasn’t easy it was easier. At that is more than enough motivation to keep me pushing forward.

Anyway, the place itself was incredible. We rented a little Fiat 500, we darted about the terrifying roads of Lake Como, we ate a LOT of pasta, and we relaxed in the sunshine. It was beautiful.

We stayed in a little place called Blevio which was truly authentic, to the point where the local shop “open when they feel like” our AirBNB hosts advised, and there was not a touristy spot in sight. It was bliss. We had planned to go up to Bellagio which is much busier with more shops and bars, but we totally fell in love with Blevio. Should we ever go back we would stay here again but would definitely see more of the Lake next time around.

Our AirBNB was actually the previous home of a famous Opera Singer (Giuditta Pasta) and was adorably named ‘Villa Pasta’ (I die). It was absolutely stunning and our hosts were beautiful, and friendly very Italian family.

One of the highlights was a visit to a restaurant called Momi. As we walked (wobbled/he carried me) down the cobbled path we approached this stunning, rustic restaurant on the lake lit by fairy lights. The first thing we saw was the Head Chef cutting fresh herbs from his garden, so we knew it was going to be amazing.

As a veggie I was a little worried about food options but I didn’t need to be. Although I think as I eat fish occasionally I had a little more freedom. I ate courgette spaghetti, Dom ate seafood linguine, we had dessert, drunk wine, and talked about how grateful and blessed we were to be there in that moment. I felt so lucky, and so full.

We were only there for 3 nights, and I can’t say there’s a huge amount to report on as we mainly read, slept and swam. I found a new love for hammocks though…

I would recommend to anyone travelling to Lake Como to hire a car, and to avoid a hotel. The best experiences we had were as a result of having our own space and staying with people who knew the place inside and out. Looking back even now I find it hard to believe this place was real, it’s genuinely so beautiful it’s hard for it to sink in. I felt like I was in a Disney film the entire time we were there.

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