20 (Uplifting) NY Resolution Ideas

I really love the idea of “New Year: New Me” as cliche as it sounds! It’s always a positive to look at self-improvement and often the end of the year brings a time of reflection and you start looking at how you may want to live your life differently.
The only problem is that sometimes the goals or resolutions we set ourselves end up having the opposite effect. They’re either too big or require additional input such as time, money or otherwise, or they don’t fit in with our core beliefs and therefore don’t stick. What happens then is you end up feeling rubbish when March rolls around and you realise you haven’t stuck to your NY resolutions after all. And usually with a very expensive and unnecessary gym membership.
If you aren’t quite ready for what I would call Advanced Goal Setting, focus on setting yourself the right resolutions. Make sure that when you think about your goals they lift you up and make you feel inspired. If it’s something that sits heavy within you or gives you a feeling of dread, chances are, you’re not quite on the right path.
So here are some wonderful and positive resolution ideas which don’t require ANY financial commitment whatsoever 😀

20 Uplifting Resolution Ideas for 2019:

  1. I will find at least one thing or moment to be grateful for each da
  2. I will do something that scares me
  3. I will let go of my past
  4. I will be honest about my own needs to myself and others
  5. I will accept that I cannot control other people’s perceptions of me
  6. I will focus on forgiveness and understanding
  7. I will try to focus on the now, rather than too much on the past or future
  8. I will accept the challenges I am presented with and grow stronger from them
  9. I will trust that the Universe has my back and live with that in mind
  10. I will make more time for things that bring me joy
  11. I will be kinder to myself
  12. I will focus on acting with consideration
  13. I will work on understanding myself and my core beliefs to a greater depth
  14. I will not let negatives set me back
  15. I will treat myself with the same love as I do others
  16. I will invest in developing myself
  17. I will accept challenges with enthusiasm and confidence
  18. I will practice more patience and lead with love
  19. I will be diplomatic and stay true to my core values in life
  20. I will celebrate and take pride in all of my achievements, big or small

I hope that inspires a different take on your 2019 resolutions! I would love to hear what goals or resolutions you are setting yourself, please feel free to share in the comments 🙂



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